Spending Time with Sonny the Elf!


Arbors at Pomeroy would like to welcome our newest resident, Sonny D. Elf.

Sonny comes to us for Physical Therapy following an unfortunate accident involving too much eggnog and some reindeer games with his best friend George!

Sonny is very excited to get to spend time with us but is also very anxious to get back to Santa before Christmas. Sonny is 497 years young and his job at the North Pole is helping Santa check the Naughty/Nice list.

Day 1 with Sonny the Elf
sonny the elf

Day 2 with Sonny the Elf
Sonny D. Elf had a very eventful day today! He started off with a yummy breakfast from Dietary, had great care from his STNAs, saw Dr. Toothman and went to Therapy where he met Director of Rehab, Jana, and her amazing team.

sonny the elf

Day 3 with Sonny the Elf
Sonny D. Elf had a busy day at Arbors at Pomeroy. His friend George was here to visit so they started the day off rummaging through a goodie basket sent to us by our wonderful folks in the Corporate office.

Then they posed for a picture with the snowman because he reminds them of their friend Frosty. ☃️ After a picture they decided the warmer weather (it was in the 50’s!) called for a little fishing. They were quickly caught so no fish were harmed!

They finished out their day hanging out with Tiffany, one of our Housekeepers, wrapping presents for Residents and holding the Employee Holiday Attendance Raffle basket hostage. Our current status is negotiating the amount of cookies required to get the basket back! 😆

sonny the elf

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